Your church can be an educational partner with CLST Global with our new “Turn-Key Option.” This is a new option for Christian Life Educator’s Network Schools.

Traditionally, Bible schools based in a local church or ministry have been structured to recruit students, schedule courses, and handle all of the administration. (CLST Global also maintains complete course and student records.) In return, CLST Global shares a very significant “tuition share” (per course per student) for member schools. CLST Global only communicates with school officials and not with students.

However, some of our new education partners wanted to reduce the amount of administration they were responsible for. As a result, we developed a new model for them, one that only requires a school to recruit and sponsor students. They serve as the “gateway institution” for students, sending student registrations to the CLST Global office. We then agree to do everything else for those students. We note the sponsoring school and then serve them as distance education students. We then send the sponsoring school monthly reports and a smaller tuition share check.
The “Turn-Key Option” makes it very easy for almost any ministry or school to participate as a member of CLEN. If you are interested in being a Turn-Key CLEN school, be sure to contact the CLEN office. If you want to convert your current CLEN school into a Turn-Key school, contact our office and we will make all necessary arrangements for you. Just call 706.323.0847.