Programs of Study

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At church partner schools, students earn affordable Bible Theology degrees from Christian Life School of Theology Global. Programs of study include various certificates, diplomas and associates, bachelors, masters and doctor of theology degrees. Certificates, diplomas and degree are awarded after accumulating course completion units and passing course exams.

Course completion units are earned in one of two ways:

  1. Class attendance, study of the materials and a score of 70 or above on the post course examination. Successful completion of each course is worth three units.
  2. Units are also granted through evaluations of prior learning. Additionally, students are required to pass at least one course in each of the six divisions of study for each degree from the Bachelor of Theology through the Doctor of Theology degrees.

Partner with CLST Global to offer Affordable Bible Theology Degrees at your church

Students have a host of opportunities for study that include classroom instruction via LIVE, DVD, Internet Streaming Video, or Locally Authorized Teaching (LAT) formats. There are many benefits for your church to consider when partnering with CLST Global to train your staff, leaders, congregants and community members, such as trained leaders, leading a congregation of people passionate about spreading the Gospel and potential income for your ministry.

We also have Distance Education (DE) for more individualized study. This is a great format for those students who don’t have access to a local CLEN campus.

Each course provides 10 hours of lecture, a textbook, study guide, and exam. Lectures are delivered according to the schedule and delivery format chosen: LIVE, DVD, Streaming Video, LAT, or DE, and are followed by a time for exam completion.

Program: Doctor of Theology
Required completion units: 300
Minimum G.P.A. graduation requirement: 3.0

Program: Doctor of Sacred Studies
Required completion units: 261
Minimum G.P.A. graduation requirement: 3.0

Program: Master of Sacred Studies
Required completion units: 216
Minimum G.P.A. graduation requirement: 3.0

Program: Master of Theology
Required completion units: 171
Minimum G.P.A. graduation requirement: 3.0

Program: Bachelor of Theology
Required completion units: 126
Minimum G.P.A. graduation requirement: 2.0

Program: Associate of Theology
Required completion units: 60
Minimum G.P.A. graduation requirement: 2.0

Program: Diploma of Theology
Required completion units: 30
Minimum G.P.A. graduation requirement: 2.0

Program: Various customized program certificates for ministry and leadership training
Required completion units: 15
Minimum G.P.A. graduation requirement: 2.0

Divisions of Study

BT — Biblical Theology
CC — Christian Counseling
HT — Historical Theology
NT — New Testament
OT — Old Testament
PT — Practical Theology