The Five-Fold Church Leadership Training Model

Ephesians 4:11-12 paints a beautiful picture of the five-fold gifts needed to provide balanced, effective leadership in the church. But what strikes me as most important is their job description: to equip God’s people for works of service, or “for the work of the ministry.”

A Turn-Key Option for Church Bible Schools

Your church can launch a turn-key bible theology school with a turn-key solution. Your church serves as the “gateway institution” for students, sending student registrations to the CLST Global office. We then agree to do everything else for those students. We note the sponsoring school and then serve them as distance education students, and in return, you receive a portion of the student fees.

Is CLST Global accredited?

Questions about CLST Global and accreditation come up frequently. As the Academic VP for Beacon University I was responsible for our relationship with accrediting agencies so I became very familiar with the subject. Since we are asked often about accreditation I...