The three core values at CLST Global are Quality, Flexibility and Affordability. We remain very committed to these values going forward. The way we structure and support our curriculum, in fact, all of our program and course delivery developments, are aimed at being increasingly flexible, able to provide quality Christian higher education resources worldwide. We are committed to having customizable higher education resources. We also remain the most affordable higher education option of its kind. Our fees are at least half those of similar education programs.
However, Flexibility and Affordability are not as valuable to students without educational and academic Quality. We claim to be the “premier provider” of Christian higher education programs and resources for a very good reason. No other similar program offers the same level of quality. Here is why:
1.  Our faculty are highly qualified in their field of study. The vast majority of our faculty have earned doctorates. In fact, they did their graduate work at a variety of institutions. It’s not uncommon for similar programs to have instructors with doctorates from the institution where they teach. Having a faculty who have done proven scholarly work in the best universities and seminaries makes the quality of their course content undeniable. The CLST Global faculty have earned doctorates from schools such as Harvard University, the University of Southern California, Liberty Theological Seminary, George Fox University, Northwest University, Erskine Theological Seminary, Cambridge University, Brite Divinity School, Wheaton College, Fuller Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Oral Roberts University.
2.  For that reason, the course content developed and taught by instructors is only of the very highest quality. In fact, “qualified faculty” is the bottomline of credit transferability, much more likely from CLST Global than any other similar program.
3.  Most of our faculty members are available to teach their courses live in a classroom. In addition, CLST Global courses are supported by media, including audio and most often video. Similar programs often often offer only a syllabus and study guide with little support from the instructor. The delivery of our course content is of the highest quality.
So, as you can see, the high premier Quality of CLST Global programs and resources is the best by far. Take advantage of quality courses that are also Flexible and Affordable today!