CLST Global makes Christian higher education resources and programs available to your church. With high quality church education resources, flexible programs and affordable degrees, our bible college is ideal for training church leaders. Learn more about becoming a CLEN member and launching your school by contacting our staff.
In the late ’70s, Dr. Ron Cottle had a vision for a local church-based outreach from the seminary where he served as an administrator and professor. His idea was to make college-level instruction available to local churches that had a vision to raise up their own leaders and equip them for effective Kingdom ministry in and through their church. His seminary didn’t buy the vision, so he moved to Columbus, Georgia to establish that program with his own resources. He launched Christian Life School of Theology to provide church education resources to train local church leaders and pastors.
Today some Bible colleges and seminaries are establishing teaching centers or extension sites in local churches. These schools are making their courses available to students studying at the extension site. It is a new model to them but we have been doing it at CLST for more than 40 years, There are significant differences between college extension sites and offering a CLST Global school in your church through our Christian Life Educator’s Network (CLEN):
  • CLST Global’s course options are flexible. As the pastor, you select which courses to offer based on the needs of your church leaders and congregation members. CLST Global is a solution for church education resources. On the other hand, courses being offered at extension site are (and must be) under complete control of the sponsoring college. The course being offered and when it is offered is outside of the control of the local church.
  • CLST’s students have the ability to customize their program based on their leadership and spiritual goals, while students at extension sites are limited to the prescribed courses and programs being offered during the required times. It is the opposite of flexible.
  • Because the courses are being offered by traditional colleges, the tuition is usually three times higher than CLST Global’s tuition. Completing a course can be expensive (although student financial aid is available). It is not affordable.
  • Finally, there is little or no financial benefit to the local church for participating in an extension program. CLST Global offers a tuition sharing option so that local churches can actually earn money by adding a CLEN member school.
CLST Global is still the only affordable option with flexible, quality Christian church education resources and higher education degrees!