Columbus, GA. Have you been dreaming about earning a theology degree? On June 1, 2015, Christian Life School of Theology Global (CLST Global) introduced a new platform for earning an online theology degree. Registered CLST Global students are provided a login and password for the online system and provided a link to the ProProfs online learning platform. Each online course includes the video lectures, PDF and a Microsoft document copies of the course syllabus and Study Guide, and an improved, easy-to-navigate quiz feature.

This is exciting because regardless of where someone lives — in America, Asia, the Pacific Islands, South America and Africa — students can earn an online theology degree.

Currently, nearly 150 courses are available online and more are being prepped for online delivery for CLST GO students. Degrees are customizable and you control when you work on each course. The flexibility is one advantage of the online theology degree program.

“The online platform is very exciting,” said President and CEO Dr. Randal Langley, “because we can now offer students who cannot attend a satellite school the opportunity to earn theology degrees, including people living in remote areas of the world.”

The online school is being touted as CLST GO! Courses for online students are $185 each.

This means that students can earn a Bachelors degree in Theology for a fraction of what it costs at traditional colleges! Plus, there are Masters and Doctoral programs available online.

For more information, contact the CLEN office. If you’d like to sign up today, complete the instructions on this page, and complete the registration form.