If you have already received a degree from CLST Global, why should you continue taking courses?  Our encouragement to our CLST Global students, including those who have earned a degree, is to keep learning, keep growing, keeping exposing yourself to empowering, equipping, transformational educational experiences. Commit to never stop learning.
Every year we have the privilege of seeing scores of students from around the world receive a theological degree! It is a very significant accomplishment! But what do you do when you have been awarded your degree – maybe even a doctorate? Let me suggest several important reasons to continue your education through CLST Global:
  1. We are continually adding new courses to our curriculum. We are always on the look-out for the best instruction available from experts in their field to provide our students with the very best equipping experiences.
  2. CLST Global has a “high end” curriculum, with qualified faculty teaching course content that is so excellent we have been able to write an articulation agreement with a regionally DOE accredited university. Taking a CLST Global course is always a wise investment.
  3. The Great Commission commands us to make disciples by teaching them. The essence of true discipleship requires a lifestyle of teaching and learning. Attaining a degree does not bring the command of Jesus to a close. Never stop learning!
  4. A commitment to a lifetime of personal growth is a commitment to being an active, fully engaged lifelong learner. The lifestyle does not stop by attaining a degree but continues throughout one’s life.
  5. Taking a course “for credit” deepens learning and integrates what is learned into the heart and life of a disciple. Just being exposed to ideas is not necessarily transformational. Submitting to the full discipline of learning, including an assessment (exam), serves to embed vital truths into your life.

If you commit to never stop learning, you will never regret it. Knew information makes you a more effective leader, communicator and evangelist of the the Gospel.