Students needs and expectatiosn for professional development

Recently the Barna Group in partnership with the Association for Biblical Higher Education published a timely study about student needs entitled, “What’s Next for Biblical Higher Education.” Because enrollment in traditional Bible Colleges has been going down they want to reverse that trend. There were two significant findings that shed light on student needs and expectations at your local church Bible schools.

    1. Students are looking for “continued professional development that focuses on integrating faith and applying it to [their] career.” They want teaching that has clear and practical application. They don’t want theory only but teaching that will empower their lives and witness in the world.CLST Global has a variety of Practical Theology courses with ministry and leadership application, including ministry in the workplace. Specific courses in Marketplace Ministry and Worldview Studies are especially helpful. We also offer a wide variety of Professional Development Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that can be used to fulfill requirements on the job.
    2. It was also found that today’s students prefer an “Open Bible College.” Traditional Bible Colleges, especially those connected to a denomination, seem too restrictive and prescriptive to students, not flexible and adaptable enough.

The core values of CLST Global are Quality, Flexibility and Affordability. Our  programs and resources are specifically designed to provide students with whatever they need, whenever they need it, and in whatever way they want it to be delivered. The 275 courses in our curriculum along with a wide variety of Certificate and Degree options allow students to form their education in whatever way is most beneficial to them.

Barna’s study and report confirm again our belief that CLST Global is the premier provider of Christian higher education options, in the right way and at the