We are very passionate about the mission at CLST Global. We believe in the work God has called us to do. We offer the very best, most effective Christian higher education programs and resources at our affordable Christian college. While we don’t often talk about it, there is another benefit to membership in our network of schools: Using the CLST Global curriculum to train and equip servant leaders will help fund the rest of your ministry.
Recently I thoroughly researched every other Christian education provider in the U.S. I was pleased to find that we are considered a “high end” program compared to others. But I found something else: We are much more affordable than similar providers. In fact, our Course Fees are half of what they are in the next most affordable option. On average, our fees are 1/3 the amount charged by similar programs. At the same time, the quality of our program – in terms of qualified faculty and course content – is so high, our work articulates well to Christian colleges and universities. In addition, our course material includes much more than the syllabus usually provided by other programs. Our courses include audio and video files as well as excellent education support services. In other words, the CLST Global programs and resources are A LOT MORE FOR A LOT LESS!
So how is that a source of revenue for your church or ministry? It’s very simple! Because we will always charge our member schools a very affordable fee per student, the schools are able to charge their students significantly more. The difference in fees charged stays with the school!
We love to highlight the quality and flexibility of CLST Global. “Affordability” is our third core value, and that results in a significant blessing to every member of our network.