A recent article in the CT Pastors magazine examined the claim that “Pastoral Training Is Changing.” A new season for the church and a new generation of leaders with a broader Kingdom vision has called for an entirely different approach to leadership training in and through the local church.

It is increasingly rare for Christian leaders to complete a traditional four-year college degree and go on to seminary. New leaders see the need for a new kind of leadership in a post-Christian society, along with a recognition that just completing a degree program does not provide a guarantee of leadership effectiveness. Today’s leader must be a life-long learner, with a commitment to a consistent practice of professional development. A new vision for the local church, including church planting and the establishing of multiple sites, has created a need for a culture of leadership development. Churches can no longer wait for a young leader to complete 4 to 6 years of formal education before being available to serve as a part of the leadership team.

These changes have also resulted in a realization that Christian leaders need to be equipped and sent into society as representatives of the King. Knowing how to be a faithful influence in every part of society is the need of the present moment. A lifetime of nontraditional Christian leadership training, customizable educational solutions for students and local church training programs, as well as the availability of digital learning options calls for new Christian higher education alternatives.

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