What is the difference between Christian Life School of Theology Global and Christian Life Educators Network?

Here is a fairly complete but simple answer:
The Christian Life Educators Network is a global network of Bible theology schools operated by church and ministries in Asia, Europe, South and North America, plus it includes an online Bible college.
The Christian Life School of Theology Global, Inc., is an institution of higher learning based in Columbus, Georgia. CLST Global is the global premier provider of Christian higher education programs and resources, including almost 300 tried-and-true courses developed by almost 100 academically qualified instructors over the past 33 years. Through its relationship with the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission, CLST Global is able to award theological and ministry certificates, diplomas and degrees through the Doctor of Theology (DTh).
All of the various programs and resources offered by CLST Global are available only to members of the Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN). Member schools access CLST Global programs and resources for use within their locally owned and operated schools. If a student in a CLEN member school earns sufficient completion units with an adequate GPA, those units can be transferred to CLST Global in Columbus, Georgia through an articulation agreement between the CLEN member school and CLST Global. When a full record of academic achievement is established and approved, CLST Global may then award a certificate, diploma or degree to that student.
The key is accountability for and full compliance with the standards and procedures required by Christian Life School of Theology Global. Full student records, including enrollment records, courses completed, grades earned, etc., are also required. Once these have been established, the good work done by students in a CLEN school can be given due consideration by CLST Global. The academic rigor required has earned the highest respect for CLST Global programs and resources on the part of the academy, even resulting in a formal articulation agreement with a regionally accredited university.
The bottomline is very simple: no CLEN member school ever awards a certificate, diploma or degree to a student. CLST Global alone has the ability to award academic achievement, and then only after a student’s complete record has been established and confirmed in the Columbus, Georgia office. It is not necessary for any CLEN member school to justify awarding diplomas or degrees to their state or country authorities, since that school is not awarding degrees. Through an articulation agreement with CLST Global, completion units may be transferred to CLST Global for examination and the possible awarding of a diploma or degree.
Individual Distance Education students who are not studying in a local church or ministry based CLEN school are students in CLST-GO (Christian Life School of Theology Global Online), which is itself a member of CLEN. The only official relationship needed to earn academic credits and receive academic awards is the relationship established between CLST Global and the state of Georgia NPEC.