Whether they are representing the Kingdom of God on the factory floor, serving in a cafe, a doctor or a lawyer, their entire lives, 24/7, are lived as servants of the Lord. And CLST Global has a variety of quality courses relevant to a committed servant of the King, no matter where they may be serving. 
The “Marketplace Ministry” section of the Practical Theology Division includes great courses like: 

  • PT507 Seven Basic Biblical Principles for Success in the Marketplace, from Dr. William Crum
  • PT522 Beyond Great, by Larry Meeker
  • PT597 Financial Wisdom to Create True Wealth, by Dr. George Meyers
  • PT667 / 687 Kingdom Business Leadership I & II, also from Dr. George Meyers
  • PT730 Introduction to Coaching, from Dr. William Graybill

Certificate of Ministry in Marketplace Ministry is also available for those who complete five related courses. 
As always, we ate CLST Global are excited about the opportunities to training and equip Kingdom leaders, not only in and for the church but also through the church. These and other related courses are available for the classroom and for individual students. Contact the Columbus office today and get ready to serve with new influence and effectiveness in the marketplace!