Become a CLST Global student

CLST Global Online is the premiere, flexible and affordable online Bible college for training evangelical leaders, pastors, teachers and missionaries. We invite you to sign up for online courses or find a local school.

Distance Education Students

2 Steps to Become a CLST Global Student

Christian Life School of Theology Global Online is the solution for you if you cannot attend one of our church Bible Colleges. All online bible college classes and tests are administered via an online learning portal. You view the classes online, do your homework and take your tests online. Our staff grades your papers and tests. It’s easy to sign up in two easy steps:

  1. REGISTER as a Distance Education Student!
  2. BEGIN taking classes!

Already have prior college and/or ministerial education? Your classes may transfer in to CLST Global Online

Active students who have completed courses in educational venues other than CLEN or have ministerial experience may receive recognition for their work! This recognition will be given for college courses taken or ministerial work performed prior to enrollment as a student at the CLEN affiliate. This requires the submission of official transcripts, certificates, diplomas, and/or a ministerial resume to the CLEN Dean for evaluation. Contact your CLEN campus registrar to get started!