The mission of CLST Global is focused on the effective training of Kingdom representatives around world. We have an Apostolic Kingdom Mission!
Local Church

Because the local church is the primary instrument of the Kingdom God, CLST Global is committed to providing the very best Christian higher education resources and programs to and through the local church.

Global Outreach

The Good News of the Kingdom must be clearly communicated to every nation and every people group. For that reason, CLST Global is committed to serving with Global Education Partners to provide the best training and equipping content anywhere in the world.

Marketplace Influencers

Kingdom representatives are not just apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. They are school teachers, factory workers, farmers, doctors, lawyers, every committed Jesus follower wherever they might be in the world. CLST Global offers relevant educational resources to all those seeking to influence any area of culture and society.

Individual Lifetime Learners

There are many devoted followers of Jesus not connected to a church or mission sponsored training program. CLST Global is committed to serving any individual anywhere who is serious about participating in systematic, intentional Bible, theology and Christian leadership training, offering the best, most current delivery options.