Almost every day we are asked the question, “Are you accredited?” To be honest, the bottom line of accreditation is actually the issue of credit transferability. So the real question is, “Will my CLST Global credits transfer to another college?”
To be honest, even having a high level of US DOE accreditation (“regional accreditation”) does not guarantee credit transferability. The ability to transfer credits to another college depends on some very simple issues:
  1. Qualified Faculty. The academic qualifications of the instructors in your school is the most important factor in determining whether or not your credits will transfer.
  2. Academic Record. The academic record of an individual student will facilitate the transfer of that student’s credits. If a student has made good grades in fairly demanding courses, there is a good chance their credits will transfer – that they will be viewed as a student who is “able to benefit” from courses in the receiving school.
  3. Parallel Courses. The credits from a course can only transfer to a school program that has a parallel course. A “New Testament Survey” course will transfer to a school that has the same kind of course, thus making it unnecessary to take that course in the receiving school.
The good news for all of our CLST Global students is that over 60% of our faculty are academically qualified to teach in colleges, universities or seminaries. When we show a school a listing of our qualified faculty, they easily accept the educational validity of our course contents, making it more likely that our credits will transfer. That is the reason why we have been able to write “articulation agreements” with regionally accredited universities. (An “articulation agreement” simply defines how and to what extent credits will transfer from CLST Global into that university.)
All that is lacking for the transferability of your CLST Global credits is your own academic record and whether or not a college has a parallel course. That’s why so many of our students have successfully transferred CLST Global credits into other college programs.