A “Kingdom Leader” is a Christ-follower who sees the need to represent the King in every area of life, to provide godly influence 24/7 and not just on Sundays. Representing King Jesus as an Ambassador in every area of life is the mission and the privilege of every follower of Jesus. In 1975, Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham proposed a model to describe areas of influence in our culture, and they called it “The Seven Mountains of Societal Influence.” Their goal was to develop a God-given, world-changing strategy to bring godly change to a nation by reaching its seven spheres or or mountains of societal influence. Since then, it has become a widely accepted description of the Kingdom mission of every believer and every local church. They defined those seven spheres or mountains as: religion, family, education, government, media, arts & entertainment, and business.

Dr. Randal Langley, President of CLST Global, and Dr. Greg Williamson, President of the Acts Global Network have taken a fresh look at this model and concluded that the Church is not just one of the seven mountains under as “Religion” but is central to the mission of God’s Kingdom. If disciples of Jesus are to be effective influencing Family, Government, Arts, Business, Education and Media, it will be in and through an empowered, equipped Church.

CLST Global is committed to resourcing today’s Kingdom leaders to effectively influence, and even to provide leadership, in all of these areas. We have a variety of courses and programs in our curriculum, including Bachelor of Theology Concentrations, available to effectively train and equip all those committed to being Ambassadors of the King in our generation. See some of those options below.

Christian Worldview

Includes courses like Creation, Christian Ethics, Apologetics, Historical Christian & Other WorldviewWorld Religions and Questions of Faith.


Including Leaders Under Construction, A Biblical Understanding of Leadership, Leadership Principles, and Courage to Lead. 

Marriage & Family

Classes include Interpersonal Relationships & Personality Patterns, Biblical Building Blocks for Marriage & Family, and Godly Communication. 

Christian Counseling

Classes like Foundations of Christian Counseling, Journey Toward Wholeness, Resolving Anger & Conflict God’s Way, and Introduction to Biblical Counseling.

Contact the CLST Global Columbus office today to explore these and other important options. Let us assist you in meeting your education and equipping goals!