CLST Global Board of Regents

Christian Life School of Theology Global regents are mission-minded partners who invest their time, talent and resources to further the kingdom through the educational resources of CLST Global.

General benefits of CLEN membership

The Board of Regents invest their resources and talents in furthering the Kingdom of God. Members:

  • Serve as a board advisor for CLST Global and CLEN.
  • Help fulfill the Mission of CLST Global
  • Collaborate and partner with the CLST Global President to develop and implement the vision and planning. 
  • Commit to building a strong financial base to sustain the worldwide reach of CLST Global to the Church leaders in third-world and non-Christian nations. 

What is CLEN?

CLEN is the association of individual school campus leaders. Each school is independently owned and operated by the base church or ministry of which it is a part.  Each deals with the educational and legal issues of the city, county, or state of which it resides.  CLST Global does not have a physical presence in these states. Each school campus has its own name and separate 501(c)(3) church affiliation.  CLEN members purchase and receive curriculum or parts of it from CLST Global.  CLST Global provides customized solutions to meet the unique education needs of its CLEN members and church congregations.  

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