Christian Life Educator’s Network (CLEN)

The Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN) is the premiere church-based theological, leadership and ministry education network! The staff of CLST Global is here to make your dream for a quality leadership and ministry training program come true!

Information about CLEN for Pastors and Ministry Leaders

When you join the Christian Life Educators Network you will gain full access to the CLST Global curriculum. In addition, CLEN will provide a full range of support services for students and schools, including online course availability, grading tests and papers and managing all the student grades and records required by law for educational institutions. Did you know:

  • Did you know a training and equipping ministry is common among the most successful and fastest growing churches in America?
  • Did you know that it requires very little work to start a church Bible school?
  • Did you know that your church training center can generate income? Your school ministry earns money for your church, and yet offers classes to your church members for affordable rates.

Membership is only $250 a year, plus $500 to start a school.

Five benefits of a highly effective Training Center for ministries

Biblical Literacy

Recent research on the American church has shown a high degree of biblical illiteracy, a “Christian education gap,” that can only be bridged with an intentional, systematic Bible training program. The classes on Biblical Theology, Old Testament and New Testament offered by CLST Global will result in a sure foundation for your students.

Spiritual Formation

Today’s ministry leaders have become passionate about the commission to “make disciples.” So where do you begin? The discipleship curriculum offered by CLST Global will go a long way toward meeting this mandate from Christ.

Ministry Effectiveness

Church leaders understand the irresponsibility is to “equip the saints to do the ministry.” The CLST Global curriculum has a wide and extensive selection of practical ministry and Christian Counseling and Marriage and Family Studies.

Your ability to grow in size and impact will live or die upon your success in attracting and cultivating and empowering leaders.

Robert Morris

Author and Founding Pastor, Gateway Church

Cultural Engagement

“Transformed people transform the world.” An equipped follower of Jesus represents the Kingdom of God in culture and exercises a redemptive influence. The “Worldview Studies” curriculum offered by CLST Global will equip your students to engage the culture.

Marketplace Impact

Success and influence on the job and in the marketplace is greatly empowered by gaining God’s perspective on leadership, business and finance. CLST Global’s Marketplace Ministry and Leadership Studies courses position students for maximum impact!