Christian Life School of Theology Global (CLST) is passionately committed to assisting local churches in establishing their own Bible School. When you partner with us, you join the Christian Life Educator’s Network (CLEN). CLEN membership opens up a vast curriculum of courses developed by qualified faculty. When combined with excellent education support services, local Bible Schools are not only possible, they are educationally effective and attractive.

But what if you already have a Bible School? You have your own local faculty teaching courses they are passionate about, but you like the possibility of offering courses from the CLST Global curriculum. And you like the idea of offering theological degrees. Will membership in CLEN have to replace what you are currently doing, or can it supplement the courses and programs you already have in place?

CLEN membership enhances your Bible School

New Course Offerings

As a member of CLEN, an established Bible School will have complete access to all CLST Global programs and resources. Any of these courses can be offered in a variety of flexible ways on your campus.

New Program Offerings

Offering online courses to your students can involve a significant cost in faculty and program development. Membership in CLEN gives you access to a full range of Distance Learning options, including online learning.

Use Your Own Faculty

Instructors in your Bible College can apply to be Locally Authorized Teachers. As a result, they will be able to teach CLST Global courses live in your classroom as well as courses you already offer.

Offer LAT Authorized Courses

Courses being taught by your local instructors can be approved for CLST Global credit. An LAT can submit course contents to our office for approval to be taught for full CLST Global credit.

Offer New Certificate, Diploma and Degree Options

As a member of CLEN, your school will be able to offer your students the full range of CLST Global diplomas, includingCEU Certificates, Ministry Certificates and degrees through the Doctor of Theology.

Use All CLST Programs With Your Brand

You can design your own syllabus cover and we will provide all course materials with your own brand. We can also adapt administrative forms to include your school’s logo.

CLST Global is not only known for quality, flexibility and affordability, it is also adaptable to a variety of education contexts. Established local Bible Colleges can take their education options and programs to a whole new level as a result of membership in the Christian Life Educators Network.