Why start a church-based Bible school?

Why have thousands of churches and ministry organizations partnered with Christian Life School of Theology Global (CLST Global) as members of the Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN)?  Quite simply, CLST Global is the premier provider of customized Christian Higher Education programs and resources in the world!  The unmatched quality, flexibility and affordability of our programs are designed to meet your needs and equip leaders throughout the nations!

1. It’s high-quality training for your staff, key leaders and all who desire to grow in their calling.

  • CLST Global provides cutting-edge theological, leadership and ministry courses of study.  All courses are taught by leading, recognized experts in their field of ministry or theology expertise.  Discover more about our world-class faculty here!
  • CLST Global maintains a high standard of academic integrity.  We hold accreditation with the International Association of Bible Colleges and Schools (IABCS) as well as professional affiliations and relationships with recognized educational organizations.  The IABCS oversees and requires its member institutions to maintain the highest standards of academic excellence while providing certification for Bible colleges and seminaries.
  • Because of our academic and educational credibility, CLST Global courses are often eligible for transfer into other colleges and universities.  Contact our Dean’s office for additional information.

2. It’s more resources for YOUR ministry.

Our unique tuition sharing program enables you to create income for the local church and ministries! Call our office to learn more.

3. It’s affordable.

CLST Global offers an EXTRAORDINARY value in Christian Higher Education. One of our core values is AFFORDABILITY!  Now, EVERYONE has the opportunity to earn our Bible College degrees at a fraction of the cost of traditional universities and Bible colleges.

4. It’s flexible.

You set the schedule and select the courses to offer students based on your unique church needs. Our world is moving at a faster pace than ever before and today’s adult learners are extremely busy!  At CLST Global, we offer members of the Christian Life Educators Network customized solutions for delivery of our courses. Even if students relocate away from your church, they can still take courses and complete a degree online as part of your school!  Whether through live instruction, on-demand video streaming, DVD, flash drive, local authorized teachers, individual distance education, or a hybrid mix, CLST Global delivers courses in a way that best fits YOUR unique needs.

5. It’s empowering.

Empower people to be “on mission” and reach your community and the world for Christ.  With almost 300 courses, we offer courses in evangelism, missions, preaching, teaching, leadership, Biblical theology, marriage & family, Biblical history and even ancient Greek and Hebrew language studies, AND SO MUCH MORE!  Download our catalog and learn more about courses you can offer students HERE.

6. It’s a committed community.

The Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN) is a community of church leaders around the world who support, pray for and spread the Gospel together. Ministers and educators alike share lessons learned and best practices for ministry at the annual conference and online.

  • When you become a member of CLEN, you have access to a full array of educational support, resources, administration and technology.
  • We’re here to help YOUR school succeed!

7. It’s YOUR customized brand!

For example: If your church is “New Life Community Church,” your school might possibly be named, “New Life Bible College,” etc.  Contact us today for more information!

Custom Branding

As a CLEN school. you can align the name of your local church-based school to your church or ministry brand!