The History of Christian LifeSchool of Theology

Christian Life School of Theology Global (CLST Global) was birthed in the heart of Dr. Ronald E. Cottle.  Cottle completed doctoral degrees in both religion (Ph.D.) and higher education (Ed.D.) and served as a pastor and college instructor. He came to understand the unique problems that Christian higher education was facing.  Pastors and spiritual leaders for the most part have to depend for their personal education and professional training upon universities and seminaries that have often lost touch with the local church, its members, and its faith.

Dr. Ron Cottle founded CLST Global and launched the worldwide history of evangelical schools.

Ron Cottle, the founder of Christian Life School of Theology.

As he tells it, the Lord spoke to him as he went diligently about the business of educating future pastors and Christian leaders.  He said, “You are working hard, but you’ve got it all backwards.  Instead of taking the bright and beautiful students out of the church and putting them into elitist academic hot houses, why not bring the faculty to the local church and educate them right there?”  The more Dr. Cottle thought about it, the more he knew this was a “God-idea.”

Dr. Rop

Dr. Ronald Cottle, the founding president of CLST Global, with Dr. Randal Langley, current president of the college.

In a physical and spiritual move of apostolic transition, Dr. Ron Cottle, founder and president of Christian Life School of Theology passed the baton of presidential leadership to Dr. Randal S. Langley on September 9, 2013, during the annual CLST conference.  This transition also included a name change to Christian Life School of Theology Global, Inc. (CLST Global)

On October 1, 2013, Dr. Randal S. Langley officially became the new president and CEO of CLEN/CLST Global, Inc.

CLST Global has been supernaturally blessed as we’ve grown to become the premier church-based higher education training and equipping ministry in the world.  We are truly honored to serve major ministry organizations, hundreds of cutting-edge churches and thousands of students globally.