About CLST Global

CLST Global is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides leadership and educational resources to train church leaders, pastors, missionaries and evangelists in local churches and communities. The staff of CLST Global provides educational resources to members of the Christian Life Educator’s Network (CLEN), a nonprofit community of churches and organizations that operate Bible and Theology schools.

Scroll for a message from our President and CEO, Dr. Randal Langley and to learn more about our vision, mission and core values.

CLST Global, church leadership and worldwide evangelism training

Train your church members to spread the Gospel at home, in the community and around the world.


To be the premier global provider of Christian higher education programs and resources.


To provide the best Bible, theology, ministry and leadership training resources; thereby offering quality, flexible and affordable education to students and schools globally.

Core Values

  • Quality. A commitment to providing the very best Christian higher education resources and programs from the best instructors.
  • Flexibility. A commitment to provide customizable education solutions for every local church, ministry and student.
  • Affordability. A commitment to keeping costs low while providing a source of funding for participating programs.